You may already know that at KatArt Graphics, we design and print hardcover and paperback books, but did you know we can also create digital ebooks for viewing on a computer or mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or Kindle? You can also send us your existing print book files and we will convert it to a digital ebook. If you have a text-heavy book, we will produce a re-flowable ebook which allows the reader to adjust the typeface and/or type size to optimize their viewing experience. If you have a photo or art book where image placement is important, we would create a fixed-format ebook preserving the integrity of the design. We can also assist you with submitting your digital book to multiple online marketplaces so you can start selling your book immediately.

A professionally formatted book that adheres to industry standards and uses the most up-to-date software is the best way to make sure your ebook will look good when used on all platforms. Let KatArt Graphics help get your book into the hands of more readers on any device or medium they choose.