Everyone knows the carpenter never has the time to fix his own house. Well, I wouldn’t say never, but it usually takes longer than it should. That is sometimes the case when it comes to updating our own website. We’ve been very busy creating new and innovative websites, and we finally have the chance to share with you what we’ve been working on.

These sites are good examples of our understanding of both form and function. Not only are they beautiful, but, more importantly, they are easy to use. User experience is a pivotal part of each web design. These sites also use a variety of modern web technologies that make your (and your visitor’s) experience that much better. Here are a few brief descriptions of some of the solutions we provide for any site:

Content Management Systems

Most clients want to have the ability to update their own site, anytime, anywhere. And we say, “No problem.” Several of these sites (including our own) are built using a Content Management System (CMS). No more will you have to access HTML files via FTP, get lost in your site code and pray that everything works the way it should when you upload the files again. Our CMS solutions offer a user-friendly experience where you can easily edit text and add photos to your site without viewing any code.

Responsive Web Design

These days, it seems that everyone is using a smartphone or tablet, so it’s very likely that more people are viewing your site on a mobile device. Current web standards, like Responsive Web Design, make it easier to have your site optimized for mobile devices. Responsive Web Design means that your site will look different and adapt to the device the user is using.

Blogs and Event Calendars

A blog is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and readers. We use the popular blogging platform, WordPress, to integrate a blog into any website. Now you have the ability to easily keep your customers up-to-date with all the latest and greatest of what your company has to offer. Also, if you want to let your readers know of any upcoming events, we can add an Event Calendar into your site complete with monthly calendar grids, Google Maps directions and even event registration.

These are just a few solutions our web design team offers. Feel free to view our full online web portfolio for other great examples.

Contact us today to find out how we can create a beautifully designed, easy to use website for you or your business.

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